All owners of classic cars that exceed 30 years or older can be a contestant of the Transasia Classic.
A team is made up of (at least) 2 people and a classic car. Both contestants need to have a valid driver’s license.
For determining the maximum number of teams we took inspiration from ‘I Ching’, ‘the book of changes’.
In the Yin Yang symbiology the main focal is based on 64 hexagrammes. Each hexagram consists of 6 lines. 6 broke lines (yin) and 6 continuous line (Yang). The 64 hexagrammes form every possible combination of cosmic archetypes; the patterns of the Tao.
Therefore each group must consist of 32 teams (ying/yang)
In total 2 groups of 32 teams can participate in the Transasia Classic.

Registration can be done from the first of January 2017 by filling in the registration form on our website and paying the entry fee of 500 euros per participant.

The first 64 team-entries will be placed on the definitive list.


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The Transasia Classic can be divided in two parts. Part one is the Silk Road, part 2 is the Trans-Siberian Road.

It is possible only to take part on the Silk Road to Beijing and finish there. Your car will be shipped back from Beijing to Holland and you will fly to Amsterdam. The real challenge of course will be to drive your car back following the Trans-Siberian railroad.

Costs per contestant are based on 32 teams (2 drivers 1 car) and are depending on current price ratio.

* Silk Road (part 1) : 7750 euros per person

* Trans Siberia (part 2) : 6750 euros per person

* TransAsia ( Part 1 + Part : 12250 euros per person

Entry fees are non-refundable unless official proof under medical or other grounds can be provided

The final sum of the costs will be determined in Spring of 2018.

The costs include:

  • The complete route and itinerary (Amsterdam to Amsterdam)
  • Accommodation based on 2-person bedrooms
  • Breakfast and dinner on the driving days
  • Shipping the cars
  • Flight
  • Preparation and organisation
  • Travel guidance and the road-book with all the routes

Technical and medical assistance

Costs of insurances, customs documents, visa and fuel are not included in this sum.

Payment needs to be done in 4 terms. The first payment of 500 euros is considered as entry fee and is non-refundable, unless there are medical reasons.

All partaking cars need to be in excellent mechanical condition. All cars will be checked and tested by the Mechanic Teams.
These checks will be conducted in Spring 2018. We will inform you about dates and location(s) for the check-up.
There will be a mechanic support team traveling with us the entire Transasia challenge.

There will be a medical support team traveling with us the entire Transasia challenge.
In preparation of the challenge the medical team will provide medical guidelines and information about vaccination.

Information Day was on 21th of october 2017. View the presentations here:

Presentation Silkroad
Presentation Transsiberia